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What events are worth credit for the PAC Friends program?

Only events that are included in Usher Signups for a given quarter count toward the minimum.

I'm not interested in Cal Poly lectures, orientation sessions, student programs. Why can’t I usher only Broadway shows?

The PAC hosts a variety of events and clients and all of these clients are offered the same services. Additionally, Ushers' priorities are the patrons' experience and safety. The PAC Friends are not only trained in customer service but attend semi annual training sessions to that pertain to evacuation and emergency response.

Why do I need to arrive so early and stay so late?

Ushers are required to arrive 15 minutes before the doors are open to patrons to attend the House Manager's briefing. While we have general policies that apply to most events, each one is unique and may have specific rules from the client. This 15-minute briefing is also a time when House Managers or Patron Services will make general announcements to the Friends or say reminders. Ushers are required to stay in their assigned sections until Patrons have left so that we can make sure that section has been cleared. 

Why am I required to sit in the back and on the aisle?

Sitting in these areas makes it so you are able to scan all patrons in your assigned area. 

Why do I need to wear this uniform?

As a PAC Friend, you are a representative of the Performing Arts Center. You are often the first person seen when a guest arrives for an event at the PAC. The uniform, when worn properly, maintains our professional image and demonstrates our high standards. 

Why can’t I wear tennis shoes?

Part of the PAC Friend's expectations is that you will be standing and walking for long periods of time; however, tennis shoes are not permitted as part of the uniform because the uniform is a semi formal one. As previously stated, we want to maintain our professional image